​Annual Flag Day Second Amendment Rally

Saturday, June 12, 2021· 10 AM - 6 PM


The Flag Day Second Amendment Rally is a annual event that takes place on the weekend of Flag Day (mid-June) in Massachusetts. The Event Committee strives to fill the agenda for this all-day Rally with appearances by national celebrities and presentations by committed 2A activists from the northeast. Our goal is to bring together an ever-growing number of patriots from across the Commonwealth and region to educate, motivate, and activate the people into asserting their God-given Rights and fulfilling their duties as the ultimate guardians of our free constitutional Republic.

FREE* Vendor space for Gun Shops and small businesses.
*with purchase of rally admission

Rally Event Flyer

Don't let your family, friends and colleagues miss out on all of the fun and information the Flag Day 2A Rally delivers.

Be sure to print, email and "share" our event flyer with everyone.

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Guest Speakers

For our 2021 Rally we welcome

  • Pastor Kris Casey

  • Alan Rice

  • Dan Wos

  • Eric Pratt

  • Jared Yanis

  • Keith Hanson

  • Andrew Couture

  • Chris Pinto

  • Hal Shurtleff

  • Reverend Steven Craft

  • Jan Morgan via video

  • and more

Stay Tuned
Keith Hanson
Alan Rice
Dan Wos
Pastor Kris Casey
Jared Yanis
Erich Pratt
Hal Shurtleff
Chris Pinto
Andrew J. Couture
Rev. Steven Craft


Tickets will be available at the door.

Adults $25
Kids 12-18 years $5
Kids under 12 are free

Flag Day 2A Rally Chicken BBQ

Vendors & Exhibitors

The Event Committee is seeking event specific vendors and exhibitors to reserve their spot in Vendor's Row for the 2021 Rally.

2017 Flag Day 2A Rally vendor

FREE* Vendor space for Gun Shops and small businesses.
*with purchase of rally admission